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8 Keys to visit Medina Azahara


Medina Azahara, the great city of the tenth century, 10 km away from the Mosque-Cathedral awaits you.

The visit of Medina Azahara shows us the sumptuosity and cultural wealth of the Caliphate, the world capital of knowledge and trade. They did not skimp on building materials to impress ambassadors from other countries. You can visit the ruins that have been excavated till now, the main part of the city palace. The interpretation center and museum of Medina Azahara complement this tour.

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Patios Festival in October


 This year due to  Covid19, the courtyard (Patios ) festival has been moved to October.

In this case, there will not be more than 40 patios to visit and unlike previous editions, it is not a contest, it will simply be a festival, where the participating patios will open their doors so that we can enjoy these "private paradises".

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From square to square


Discover Cordoba through its squares and narrow streets.

I recommend a walk that combines Cordoba's squares and traditional taverns. I have seen many tourists who stay around the Mosque, without knowing or wanting to get lost in the streets of the Caliphate city. After the Mosque-Cathedral there is a lot to discover.

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