Patios Festival in October


 This year due to  Covid19, the courtyard (Patios ) festival has been moved to October.

In this case, there will not be more than 40 patios to visit and unlike previous editions, it is not a contest, it will simply be a festival, where the participating patios will open their doors so that we can enjoy these "private paradises".

 The Córdoba City Council reserves the right to postpone it again to December depending on COVID situation in Córdoba.

Date:     October 8 to 18, 2020

Hours:   Monday to Thursday:

              11:00 to 14:00

              17:30 to 20:30

             Fridays and Saturdays :

              11:00 to 14:00

              17:30 to 21:00


Number of  Patios: 40 Patios


In all the patios there will be a controller who will be in charge of allowing access to the patios according to the capacity and size of them.

As a personal advice, avoid weekends. If you have time, it is better to visit them from Monday to Friday and then enjoy some tapas and a good Montilla-Moriles wine in any tavern in Córdoba.


Below is the list of the Patios you can visit:


Casa-Patio  St.Alvar Rodríguez, 11

Casa-Patio  St. Barrionuevo, 22

Casa-Patio  St. Barrionuevo, 43

Casa-Patio  St.Céspedes, 10

Casa-Patio  St.Chaparro, 3

Casa-Patio  St.Diego Méndez, 11

Casa-Patio  St. Duartas, 2

Casa-Patio St.Escañuela, 3

Casa-Patio St.Gutiérrez de los Ríos, 33

Casa-Patio St.Guzmanas, 7

Casa-Patio St.Isabel II, 1

Casa-Patio St.Judíos, 6

Casa-Patio St.Julio Romero de Torres, 15

Casa-Patio St.La Palma, 3

Casa-Patio St.Maese Luis, 4

Casa-Patio St.Mariano Amaya, 4

Casa-Patio St.Martín de Roa, 2

Casa-Patio St.Martín de Roa, 7

Casa-Patio St.Martínez Rücker, 1

Casa-Patio St.Parras, 5

Casa-Patio St.Parras, 6

Casa-Patio St.Pastora, 2

Casa-Patio St.Pedro Fernández, 6

Casa-Patio St.San Basilio, 14

Casa-Patio St.San Basilio, 17

Casa-Patio St.San Basilio, 20

Casa-Patio St.San Basilio, 22

Casa-Patio St.San Basilio, 44

Casa-Patio St.Siete Revueltas, 1

Casa-Patio St.San Juan de Palomares, 8

Casa-Patio St.Tafures, 2

Casa-Patio St.Tinte, 9

Casa-Patio St.Zamorano, 10

Casa-Patio St.Zarco, 13

Casa-Patio St.Zarco, 15

Casa-Patio Sq. de las Tazas, 11

Casa-Patio San Rafael, 7

Public and Municipal buildings:

San Juan de Palomares, 11 (Patio emblemático cordobés)

     del Potro Sq, 1 (Fine Arts Museun)

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