8 Keys to visit Medina Azahara


Medina Azahara, the great city of the tenth century, 10 km away from the Mosque-Cathedral awaits you.

The visit of Medina Azahara shows us the sumptuosity and cultural wealth of the Caliphate, the world capital of knowledge and trade. They did not skimp on building materials to impress ambassadors from other countries. You can visit the ruins that have been excavated till now, the main part of the city palace. The interpretation center and museum of Medina Azahara complement this tour.

8 Keys to visit Medina Azahara

1-Where's Medina Azahara?

GPS coordinates for LAS: 37 ° 52 '50.8 "N 4 ° 51' 15" W.

In decimal: 37.880778 ° -4.854167 °

2- How to reach Medina Azahara?

Bike or car from Córdoba


Take direction Palma del Río (A-431) road and find a sign on the right, that leads directly to the historic complex Medina Azahara.


3-Are there parking?

Yes, all vehicles must be parked 2 km from the historic site(where is the Interpretation center), there is a shuttle bus that takes you to the entrance of the archaeological site.

4-How much is the entrance to Medina Azahara?

For EU citizens is freeFor other countries € 1.50

Prices shuttle bus:

Adults: € 2.50

Children (5-12 years): € 1.25

  1. Which are the visiting hours of Medina Azahara?

During Covid 19

Monday: Closed

Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00 to 15:00

6-How long does it takes the visit to Medina Azahara?

Approximately 3 hours.

7-How long does it take the bus from Cordoba to Medina Azahara?

About 20 minutes.

The shuttle runs every 20 minutes from the parking Place and needs about 5 minutes to reach the entrance of the archaeological site.

8- Guided or unguided visits of Madina Azahara?

Guided of course. Córdoba official guides, we are professionals with years of experience, a visit with a guide explaining to you the history of this magnificent monument will transport you back in time.

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