From square to square


Discover Cordoba through its squares and narrow streets.

I recommend a walk that combines Cordoba's squares and traditional taverns. I have seen many tourists who stay around the Mosque, without knowing or wanting to get lost in the streets of the Caliphate city. After the Mosque-Cathedral there is a lot to discover.

Let us begin our walk: we start from the Mosque-Cathedral towards the Plaza del Pañuelo, a few meters from the Santa Catalina gate of the mosque-cathedral. The peculiarity about this square is that it is one of the smallest in the world, you will see why. From here we will stroll to the Plaza del Potro, where we will take a little more time as the square is very rich in history and content. We have deserved a break and there, in any of the bars and restaurants, stop for a drink and enjoy the atmosphere of the square. From there, we continue to the Plaza de la Corredera. Along this small route from square to square we will see nice and low houses, white facades, and bars that hide beautiful courtyards and streets with irregular floors.

We will come across the Plaza de la Corredera, a rectangular square where the first bullfights were held in the past. It is the only Castilian-style square in Andalusia. You're sure to find a terrace for a snack and a tapa.

From here we'll continue through my favorite neighborhoods, San Andrés, San Lorenzo, and arrive at the Palacio de Viana. Not far from there, there's the Bailío slope and we'll enter the Plaza del Cristo de Los Faroles. Who hasn't heard of it? In popular songs and in films. If the churches of the Capuchinos or the Dolores are open, enter and enjoy the quietness they offer us.

Not far from there, the Plaza de Los Condes de Priego, where you will find the church of Santa Marina, an example of a Fernandina style church, and where you will surely find some taverns where you can finish the route and enjoy ith tapas and drinks.

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