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If we talk about wine in Córdoba, we have to talk about the D.O (Appellation of origin)  Montilla-Moriles, a wine-growing area in the south of the province that produces unique wines.

To begin with, the grape used is Pedro Ximénez, which only grows in this part of Andalusia and which is perfect for the Albariza (White ) lands of the area.

They are generous, strong, and dry wines that are presented according to their fermentation and time in the barrel in. 

  • Joven o Tinaja
  • Finos
  • Olorosos
  • Amontillados
  • Sweet wine PX

 The production system does not go through vintages such as red wine or other white wines, but rather through the Soleras and Criaderas system, where the wine is raised under a veil of yeast and the barrels closer to the ground are filled (solera) with the wines from the superior barrels (Criaderas), which gives a special character to these fine wines.

But without a doubt, PX wine is the one the rarest to us due to its elaboration, this wine is produced from raisins. Seeing in the Paseras, the hundreds of thousands of bunches of grapes drying under the sun and how the workers turn them manually every day and throwing away the damaged bunches, we can understand the work that this wine has behind.

The raisins are pressed, in the old style, with hydraulic presses and esparto baskets, producing a raisin juice with a large amount of sugar that is taken to the barrels and there the fermentation and the miracle of the PX take place.

Montilla Moriles wines are wines to which no alcohol is added, the grapes themselves, the land, and the climatic conditions in the area make these wines reach a totally natural alcohol content.

You have to come to Córdoba, you have to taste a wine in a tavern and why not, you have to go to a winery or a Lagar (Place where  the grapes  are pressed) in Montilla Moriles and taste them with a cheese tapa, an Iberian ham or any other delicacy from

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