Eating in Cordoba with children


Traveling with children is possible and if the city you are visiting has leisure and gastronomic offer for them, much better.

Córdoba offers both possibilities, but in this case, we are going to focus on gastronomy. There is no 40-year-old "child" from Cordoba who has not been in Mamma Mia, Córdoba's first pizzeria, and although a few years have passed, it has survived other American fashions. Located in the center of the city, a truly recommendable place.

Without leaving the city, but looking for more open places for children to enjoy, we have the Bar Playa located in the Los Patos Gardens and with a swings area right next to it.


A little further away, near the Arcángel Football/Soccer Stadium, the El Mirador del Río restaurant, also with garden areas to enjoy a tapas while the children run around. And also next to the Torre de la Calahorra, there is the El Mirador restaurant, with the best flamenquines( One of the typical dishes).

In the monumental area, if we go to the Plaza del Potro or the Plaza de la Corredera we find some restaurants with large terraces, in addition to tasting some good tapas, you can also admire the beauty of the environment. In the Plaza de las Tendillas, in the heart of the city and all of it for pedestrians is El Gran Bar, and very close to it the best ice cream shop in Córdoba, La Flor de Levante.

But if, on the other hand, we want to get away a bit, we have to the north of the city, “our Sierra”, where we find almost all of the restaurants with swings areas and gastronomy is good for exquisite children's tastes. If we have visited Medina Azahara, about 4 km away is Los Almendros and nearby of the Sanctuaries of Santo Domingo and Linares there are also this type of restaurant- picnic area. In the area of ​​Brillante (residential area of ​​Córdoba) is the Pizzeria Pizzaiolo where the temperatures in summer are better.

There is no excuse for not coming to Córdoba with your children, we are waiting for you¡

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