Cordoba and the taverns


Gastronomic tourism in Córdoba: Cordoba cuisine is present in every corner of the city.

Cordovan taverns are famous, someone once said: “Córdoba, a brave city, where there are a thousand taverns and a single bookstore“. That is not entirely true, but it is true that there are many taverns, everywhere to enjoy.

I recommend a walk looking for taverns, some of them very old, through the neighborhoods of Córdoba where the people of Cordoba eat, enjoy the atmosphere, the people, the Cordovan food so famous. In addition to “going to taverns”, you will also see the old city, many of them are in such typical neighborhoods as San Pedro, San Basilio, Santa Marina, or San Lorenzo. It is very pleasant to stop in a tavern to have a tapa with a good wine, a glass of Montilla-Moriles(O.D). Where can you eat the best salmorejo or the best oxtail? Where can you try the best-fried eggplants or the best flamenquín? To answer these questions, what better way than to discover Cordoba's taverns on your own.

If you would like me to accompany you or any recommendation, do not hesitate to ask me, I will be happy to help you.

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