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Guided tour of the Cathedral of Cordoba, the former Mosque. Where in a single building we see the footprint of the different cultures that settled in Cordoba, Romans, Visigoths, and Muslims. Going into the Patio de Los Naranjos (the Orange-tree Courtyard) and with the Tower as the guardian of the building, we will start the visit. You will not only see the Mosque of Cordoba, you will know and enjoy it. For private visits and for groups please contact me and we will make a tour according to your needs.

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A perfect complement to visiting the Mosque and Historical Center is the Medina Azahara archaeological site and its Interpretation Center, located 10 km from the city.

The walled Palatine City built by Abderramán III, the first Caliph of Qurtuba, as the center of his power and mirror of a renewed image of the newly created Independent Caliphate: strong, powerful and being one of the greatest medieval kingdoms in Europe.

There is a regular shuttle bus from the historic center, however I can organize a private vehicle for you from your hotel. Contact me to organize a visit according to your needs.

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The tour of the Patios (Courtyards) is a route of sensations, all the patios are located in the old part of the city of Cordoba, so we will also walk around the narrow streets and white painted houses, so typical of Andalusian urbanism.

We can stop if you want in a Cordovan tavern to taste a good wine from Montilla-Moriles wine Region.

Festival of the Courtyards (“Patios”) and cultural heritage in the second and third week of May (declared World Heritage) is a busy time in Cordoba, for this route, we depend on the timetables of the patios and the season, so please contact me and we will make a tailor-made route. However, it is possible to visit the courtyards in Córdoba all the year round, if you If you are visiting the city outside the Festival dates

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During this visit we will focus on the heritage left by the Jews in Cordoba.

We will visit the Jewish quarter, which was once one of the most important in Sepharad, and we also visit the Synagogue (14th century). One of the three best preserved Medieval synagogues in the whole of Spain.

The statue of Maimonides and the calle de los Judíos are also on our itinerary.

We can complement this route with a visit to the Mosque-Cathedral.

For private visits and for groups please contact me and we will make a visit according to your needs.

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This is a very complete tour, as we visit the three most important monuments of our Muslim, Jewish and Christian heritage. We will understand why Cordoba is known as “the city of the three cultures”.

On our tour we will visit:

  • The Mosque Cathedral
  • Synagogue and Jewish Quarter
  • Alcázar of The Christian Kings.

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