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5 essential visits in Cordoba

Five essentials to know in Cordoba

5 can't miss destinations

Las bodegas Campos

Visit of San Rafael Altar piece and the Saint Patrons of Córdoba and Bodegas Campos. Located on the corner of Calle Lineros and Candelaria Chapel.

Since 1801 the altarpiece was erected by public subscription of devotees, to thank him to have survived an epidemic. The altarpiece represents San Rafael Archangel at the top, in the frieze, you can read UNDER THE SHADOW OF YOUR WINGS PROTECT US .

Two white marble square stones, wher we can read an inscription from the Book of Tobias, In the central part, Saint Rafael with his attributes: the stick and the fish. With him , the Patron Saints of Córdoba: Saint Acisclo and Saint Victoria. The Bodegas Campos (Celler), an intimate place, smelling wine and cask, with its patios,the result of several houses been joined. The house has an important collection of old posters of bullfights and Cordoba fairs. By their rooms have passed many celebrities who have left their signature on the barrels. The tour is free, recommending a break in the tavern restaurant where quality blends with the authentic. (Pisto and marinated fried fish are my favorites).

Correderda Square

Rectangular and arched square, reminiscent of the Castilian cities, was an architect from Salamanca, the one who in 1683 began the construction of it. This space was used as a bullfight arena , games, markets, etc. Today the terraces and bars and taverns offer a nice place to stay without traffic, where all have their place. The Square is used for events as the Night of Flamenco, Medieval Market, concerts, etc. Close to the Corredera Square, leaving the Arco Alto we find on the street Tundidores one of my favorite traditional taverns, Taberna Salinas, the Rabo de Toro(ox tail) is one of the dishes we order when I go with my family.

Tour The San Lorenzo Quarter

Realejo and Alfaros .We can see the XVIII and the XIX century Córdoba. Narrow streets, very narrow, low houses with fences, patios, geraniums and small squares. The pleasure of walking, so authentic, so genuine , is unique. We don’t find tourism and we see a calm, quiet, and an intimate Córdoba. Bars with terraces or patios make us a more pleasant walk.

Walls Cairuhan and Victoria Gardens

Leaving the old town, at the end of the street La luna , will see the the Roman walls, later muslim and finally Christian . They are 360 mt. , that lead us to the Puerta de Almodovar. In this way we will pass by the sculpture that the city dedicates to the philosopher Seneca. From here we cross the Paseo de la Victoria Avenue and reach at one of the places in vogue of the city: Victory Gardens. Families with children, elderly people having a walk, the chestnuts sellers in winter, a handycraft market and recently with the Victoria Market,a food market, where various local gastronomic sellers use an old pavilion dating from XIX c.

Botanical Garden Albolafia

(Water Wheel) and Botanical Garden .We start this morning walking in the Botanical Garden, enjoyed this without hurry. From there we continue walking towards San Rafael Bridge going through one of the Triumphs of Saint Rafael Archangel. From here we enjoy a wonderful view of Guadalquivir River, with its vegetation and fauna and also the view of the Mosque. Once across the river continue to Calahorra Tower by Fray Albino Avenue. At this point I recommend a Restaurant with excellent cuisine, El Mirador. You will discover why that name.


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