Cordoba Courtyards

The Tour of the courtyards is a route of sensations. All the courtyards are located in the old town of the city of Cordoba, so we will also discover the labyrinth of narrow streets and typical houses that characterize the city. Let yourself be guided by someone who knows and lives the culture of the courtyards since childhood when she ran with her sister through the geraniums.

During the Patios Festival, approximately the second and third week of May, we depend on the opening hours of the courtyards and previous reservations so we must plan in advance to have an unforgettable experience. Either way, there are patios open throughout the year, and please, do not leave Córdoba without having had this experience.

I also suggest you stop by one of the Cordovan taverns to taste a good wine from Montilla-Moriles.




Approx. 1 h 30m.



Meeting Point: Alcazar main entrance
Price Adults: 15 €
Price Children (10-14 years):  7 €

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